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Planting Our New Landscape

March 17, 2018 Great day for digging in the dirt. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Pete GallucciJim Schroeder?Mark Butler?

On St. Patrick's Day, seventy eager parishioners gathered at 8:00 in the morning, shovels,  gloves, and trowels in hand, ready to tackle the hundreds of shrubs, bushes, and ground cover plants waiting to beautify our new beds.  The day was overcast, the rains from previous days leaving the ground soggy, but that did not deter anyone.  All "dug in" with zeal, forging mud and rain sprinkles, diligently working to get the beds ready for Easter.  

Thanks to the many who came, most of whom are not pictured here.  And a huge thank you to the crew who prepared a chili-dog lunch for everyone!

Bill Benson with Muddy HandsPlantJoe BowenTerri WinebargerDcn. Larry Loumena