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SCHEDULE FOR LENT - Stations and Penance Service

We are called to be forgiven of our sins.

Altar During Lent 2019During Lent, we need to reflect on what our Lord has done for us. It's a time to prepare and get right with Jesus. When we have worked at our relationship with Him we can truly celebrate the Easter Season. Just knowing that you have prayed, fasted, and strived to have the Heart of Christ will open you to many blessings and graces. St. Joseph the Worker offers the Stations of the Cross, a Lenten Penance Service, Adoration and daily Mass as a means to grow and become closer to Jesus during this liturgical season.             

The Stations of the Cross help us to grow deeper by praying and reflecting on the passion and death of Christ. We will pray this devotion on the Friday's in Lent at 6:30pm and follow with a community building soup supper for all. Please join us.Smallest Stations

Lenten Penance Service will be April 4th, at 6:30pm. Jesus sent his twelve apostles to call people to repentance and conversion, Jesus gave the apostles His own power when He said to them: “Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive, are forgiven them” (John 20: 22-23). Confess your sins to a priest and you cannot help but feel the mercy of God.