Let the remodel begin!

Event Date:


Erosion control plan is completed. (i.e., the black sheeting on the front lawn.)

Footings will continue to be formed.

Rebar will be placed.

Erosion control site prep begins this week

Meetings with City of Portland Bureau of Transportation regarding SE 148th Avenue improvements

Research of Corpus for crucifix in the sanctuary

Schedule coordination

Updating schedules regarding materials and delivery

Site coordination meeting - team

Contractor starting to make areas for new footings

Check order status of ceiling beams which will be placed in the new church

Backfill continues on church’s east side

Begin site prep for concrete footings and stem walls

Coordination meeting with Delta Sound for slab conduits

Remainder of demolition material removed from site

Trouble shooting internal plumbing issues that will tie into the new system

West wall of the social room to be removed for expansion

Architects continue to work on new kitchen layout and issues regarding structural support in the kitchen area

All submittals and information are with the City of Portland for final approval of permit

Demolition of the west side of the sanctuary is priority over the next several days.

Design team is meeting on kitchen design and structural modifications.

Design team is investigating flooring for both sanctuary and social room areas.

If you have any questions, please contact David Mastorieni, project manager, at ddmconsulting@msn.com.

The Space : We are working very hard to provide space that is comfortable and safe for all of our parishioners during the remodel. We have set up two classrooms and the basement for weekend masses. This may be an opportunity for you to try out the 8:30AM or 5PM mass in order to help us accommodate everyone.

Live Flowers : Because you, the parishioners are our prime priority, we want to use our space and resources for you. Thus, we will be unable to accommodate or care for live flowers during the remodel.

Can you Help: During the transition to our new worship space we need more volunteers to assist with greeting, ushering, and collection at all three Masses. These opportunities will probably only last 3 months. See Deacon Mike.

Existing Stained Glass- As part of the demolition, we are preserving as much of the old stain glass as possible. The preserved pieces will be stored for now until we can determine the final disposition.

Parking: To prepare for construction, Serendipity has implemented a new bus route for the parking lot. During daily morning mass only, there will be a sign on the south entrance: Please Use North Driveway. That sign is for school buses only. Parishioners are welcome to use both driveways. The buses will line up in the parking lane nearest the parish center. If you need to leave early from mass, you won’t want to park in those spaces because you may be blocked in by the buses. Of course, this will only be for this year of construction. Thank you for your patience!

Coffee During Construction : Coffee will not be available after daily and weekend masses or for meetings during the remodel. Thank you for your support and understanding as we progress through this project!

Breaking Bread Books and Kneelers: As a courtesy to our cleaning staff please remember to set your kneelers and books on your seat at the end of every mass. This helps housekeeping when floors need to be cleaned. Thank you!

Narrowing Hallway: A temporary wall is being built in the school hallway which will make it more difficult for traffic flow. Therefore, it is important that we not congregate just inside the front entrance to the school.

Bulletins Relocated: In order to accommodate the smaller hallway, bulletins and other literature will be moved to the middle of the school hallway for pickup.

Handicap Parking:  Please keep the parking spaces closest to the front door of the school wing accessible for handicap parking.
Safety Fencing The wire fencing that surrounds our church and social room is there for safety reasons. Please do not go beyond the fence.