Divine Mercy Prayers

Every Week we are praying the Divine Mercy Prayer for your intentions.  Intentions can be submitted to GAP Line (sjtw-gapline@hotmail.com), prayer box in Narthex, or call Deacon Mike (503-761-8710 x105)

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Prayer Intentions

Please pray for Rick,Noella,Mikey..special intentions
For my cousin Doug, who will have a critical test on May 30th, and hopefully a successful major surgery on May 31st, please say a rosary
Please pray for Natalie as she recovers from a motorcycle accident. She will have many surgeries ahead of her
Please say some prayers for Bernice Boourcier. She has gone to our Lord
Please pray for Christina. She in the 4th stage of ovarian cancer
I would like to put in a request for my friend James’ baby Vincent. He is 18 months old and has not gained any weight for the last 4 months. He throws most everything up and the doctors are perplexed as to what it could be...he cannot crawl or walk yet as he hasn’t the body mass to hold himself up. Every day James comes in looking like he hasn’t slept a wink… Every day…

Please pray for Mark McDougal. He is in the hospital with pneumonia and a collapsed lung
For Stuart as he takes the MCAT this week, as well as the journey ahead.
Please pray for Cecilia Halseth (Cheff) and family. Cecilia has gone to our Lord
My mother and step-father, Marc, are members of your church and I have attended a few times with them. I would like you to add my mom to your prayer chain. She has been in the hospital (Kaiser Sunnyside) since May 4th. She was admitted with low oxygen levels and an irregular heartbeat. They found blood clots in her left lung that came from her leg and high CO2 levels in her oxygen. She is extremely weak and is becoming increasingly confused.

Please put Martha Abel on the prayer line. Today is Martha’s birthday. She is suffering great pain with broken bones in her back.
Prayers for my uncle Virgil who had open heart surgery in May
Please pray for the peaceful repose for Jared Conrad Black, one of the victims in Santa Fe, TX
Pray for our daughter that she has a safe delivery of her 1st baby May 20, 2018
Pray for grandchildren to be fuller with the love of God & do His will