Your Prayer Intentions (Divine Mercy)

Every Week we are praying the Divine Mercy Prayer for your intentions.  Intentions can be submitted to GAP Line (, prayer box in Narthex, or call Deacon Mike (503-761-8710 x105)

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Prayer Intentions

Pray for Connie for the Holy Spirit illuminate her path to Christ
Pray for Peggy Jensen and Christ for health
Pray for my family in longview, Fr. Ted, and sisters of reperation
Pray for my son Rod diagnosed with heart problems
Pray for my daughter Teresa who is going to be operated on this Friday
Pray for the Rice family
Pray for Elsie White and family & Roger Doherty and Nancy
Pray for orpans, Widows, street kids and the starving in Kenya
Pray for my family in Myamar
Pray for Daniel, Skylee, and Samantha Daily
Pray for Jay Rice to become Catholic
Pray to glorify the Lord and to pray for my parents, sisters, brother, my wife and her family and all people
Pray for Keith Lambert and his recovering heart; Bobby my nephew and his renewal in faith, and my students thrist for knowledge
Pray for help in my education, my love to be successful in workplace; thanksgiving for all we have
Pray for Tommy Prout and extended family of Betsy Prout
Pray for my son Jaime who is diagnosed with epilepsy and his relationship with us that has been strained.
Please pray for the passing of Linn Fones. Pray for healing for the family
Pray for my family making good choices. Pray for their safety
Pray for Karl and Ramona. He is battling bone cancer and was recently sent home from a rehabilitative facility due to insurance