"English" Baptism Registration

PLEASE NOTE:  1) You must first speak with Father Ted (x102 or tprentice@archdpdx.com) before completing this form. 2) Once the parents and godparents have taken the class, baptisms can be scheduled  with Father Ted for any Sunday Mass, except during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Baptismal Certificate Information

Print all information clearly and show it as you want it to appear on the certificate.


Information regarding sponsors: You may choose one or two godparents. If you choose two godparents, one should be a man and one a woman. A godparent must be Catholic, sixteen or older, confirmed, have made his/her first communion, and leads a life in harmony with our faith and with the role she/he undertakes as a godparent. A non-Catholic Christian may not be a godparent, but may be a witness along with a Catholic godparent.


Scheduling Information


If godparents are attending a baptism class in another parish, please list their names and give the name and address of parish . They will need a written letter confirming they have taken the class.


Contact Information